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Start Business in Mauritius: We provide Company Set-up, Occupation & Work Permits and Payroll services. Get started today! Explore our comprehensive services for Company Incorporation, efficient processing of Occupation Permits, Work Permits, and expert HR & Payroll solutions.

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Company​​ Incorporation

DNB HR Associates guides clients to register their company in Mauritius, covering legal requirements, documentation, and procedures. We handle registrations, licenses, permits, and establish corporate structures.

Occupation Permit

We assist foreign nationals in obtaining Mauritius occupation permit for work, investment, or business in Mauritius. Our services include application process, immigration rule compliance, and customized permit issuance to meet client needs

Work Permit

DNB HR Associates helps companies secure Mauritius work permits for their international employees. We handle the application process, document submission, liaising with immigration, and ensure labor law compliance.

HR Consulting

DNB HR Associates offers complete HR management services, covering recruitment, onboarding, performance, training, relations, HR policies and procedures.

Human Resource Audit

DNB offers comprehensive HR audits covering recruitment, employee relations, training, compensation, HR documentation, and legal compliance. Our audits enhance business strategies, mitigate risks, and boost employee satisfaction.


DNB HR Associates provides comprehensive Mauritius payroll processing for companies, managing salary calculations, tax deductions, benefits, reporting, and compliance. They prioritize accuracy, timeliness, and confidentiality.

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